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Welcome to Raani

Safety Nets

For more than 15 years, we have been one of the leading merchants and dealers in offering net services across numerous industries.

One of the leading service providers in Hyderabad City is Raani Safety Nets. Wherever safety is required, our team of experts in net installation can install nets.

The safety net is a net that is used to catch a multi-factor authentication or to guard against adversity. Raani Safety Net was a major dealer at the time and offered the best service in the entire city. A safety net is an object that lessens the length of a person’s fall after they fall from a height, preventing injury. This term also refers to devices that stop flying or falling objects for the protection of people above or below the net.

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Raani is committed to offering useful, practical suggestions and solutions for a successful bird management programme as a specialist in bird and pigeon control.

Guaranteed to be 100% pigeon-free and healthy.

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Free Installation

We provide complete Installation. No nets are required for any type of demand, wherever.

Quality Assurence

We make sure that the things we sell are all of the highest calibre. We are wholesalers and provide very Lowest Price.

Save Maintenance Cost

Zero Maintenance Cost because it won’t require any expensive components. You can contact us with any cuts or damage.

Trusted By Most Customer

We always focus on the unique needs of the clients. The high standards of quality we uphold are the reason we have been in this business for so long.

Quality Warranty Assured

Best Quality | Huge Selection | Affordable Price | Free Installation Around The Clock | Warranty Assured 3 to 8 Years | Support & Service | Free Quotation.

Why Only We Are?

Experts Fixing Safety Nets, we cater to nearly all important domestic and commercial needs. We offer the highest-quality nets at affordable prices.


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We Provide All Kind Of Safety Nets Services

Our Netting solutions provides safety anywhere where heights may present a danger.

Balcony Safety Nets Services | Bird Nets Installation

Balcony Safety Nets in Hyderabad

Balcony safety nets are used to prevent undesirable circumstances in residences when an unexpected fall from a balcony puts people in danger of losing their lives. >> Read More

Balcony Safety Nets Services | Pigeon Nets Installation

Pigeon Safety Nets in Hyderabad

Pigeon nets are used to stop the birds from nesting in structures and contaminating areas. Pigeons or any other species of bird are not allowed to enter.>>Read More

Balcony Safety Nets Services | Bird Nets Installation

Anti Bird Nets in Hyderabad

The major Suppliers & Fabricators of Anti Bird Nets are Raani Safety Nets. Our Materials Durable & Reliable have been available for several years.>> Read More

Children Safety Nets for Balconies Call 9505258059 Raani Safety Nets Now to get Best Offers

Children Safety Nets in Hyderabad

Contact Raani Safety Nets for children’s or kids’ safety nets that can help prevent your child from falling out of a window, balcony, terrace, or stairwell.>>Read More

Building Covering Nets | Duct Area Safety Nes Near Me

Duct Area Bird Nets in Hyderabad

These nets are used to secure the open area in the apartment complex between two blocks of buildings. Call Us for the Best Estimate.>>Read More

Balcony Safety Nets Services | Bird Nets Installation

Monkey Safety Nets in Hyderabad

In order to prevent monkeys from entering your area, monkey safety nets are used. These nets are substantial and brittle. Ask us Free Trial & Decision.>>Read More

Bird Spikes Services | Pigeon Spikes Fixing Near Me

Pigeon & Bird Spikes in Hyderabad

We provide you the most cutting-edge bird threat solutions while also offering the top quality bird spikes for bird proofing your home.>>Read More

All Sports Practice Nets in Hyderabad | Call 9505258059 for Netting

All Sports Nets in Hyderabad

For any measured application, Sports Nets Systems makes and provides mesh boards. Contact Us for All Hyderabad Sports Practice Nets..>>Read More

Grill Balcony Safety Nets Services | Bird Nets Installation

Grill Balcony Nets in Hyderabad

Grill Balcony safety nets are put to keep pigeons away and to protect people’s safety at home by shielding them from falling objects and children, adults, and pets..,>>Read More

Car Parking Safety Nets in Hyderabad | Call 9505258059 for quote

Car Parking Safety Nets in Hyderabad

To protect the parking space, car parking nets are used. Parking nets are also utilised in construction zones to keep vehicles away from cement, ductwork, and paint.>>Read More

Construction Safety Nets in Hyderabad | Call 9505258059 for quote

Construction Safety Nets in Hyderabad

Construction is one of the most popular jobs worldwide, and the real estate sector is one of India’s fastest-growing industries..>>Read More

Coconut Tree Safety Nets in Hyderabad | Call 9505258059 for Nets

Coconut Tree Nets in Hyderabad

Tall coconut trees are rather widespread in local areas. Occasionally, coconuts may unintentionally fall from a coconut tree at an unexpected time.,>>Read More

Frequently asked questions

What is the Maximum Mesh Size of Safety Nets?

The maximum centres for attachment of a fall arrest safety net is 2.5m when rope ties are used. It must be noted that other proprietary attachment devices may require closer attachment points and the manufacturer’s recommendations must always be followed.

Is Pigeon Dirting your Balcony?

Being a quality-oriented organization, we make use of the finest quality raw material that is procured from the vendors of high repute after doing a diligent study based on several quality parameters adhering to best quality and standards.

What is Net Material Used?

Nets are made of knotted polyethylene (HDPE) hence is UV resistant. HDPE nets are chemically inert, water and weather proof. It has high breaking strength. Nets are fixed using stainless steel wire framework and hardwares. For Further specifications, the nets are fixed using wire rope, net bolts, screw pins, barrel strainers and hogging staples .This helps tight installation of nets that cannot be stretched, giving it a strong, clean & beautiful appearance.

Can Netting be Cut by the bird's beak or affected by rains?

No. The polyethylene nets are strong enough to be cut by a bird’s beak. It can withstand a maximum weight of 15 kgs. (upto 15 mm). It is water proof and hence unaffected by rains

He is a very good person with genuine rates and the quality of work what they do is also very good well experienced person..iam very satisfied with their work.if anyone has a requirement please get the work from them...thanku

NaveenBalcony Safety Nets

If you are looking for bird nets for balconies, then definitely he is your guy. He is was very professional - on time and works fast. He charges reasonably as well. Very happy with his service, I would highly recommend him.

KarinaPigeon Safety Nets